As a long time believer in reflexology, I decided to give Kansa Vatki Foot Massage a try.

Reflexology offered me a great deal of comfort and I didn’t think there could possibly be another process that I would enjoy more. I have had two sessions of Kansa Vatki Foot Massage with Barbara and they were both nourishing and relaxing– enough to convince me that this was going to be my foot treatment of choice going forward. I do believe the rubbing with the 3-metal bowl has an impact.

I will still do reflexology from time to time but Kansa Vatki is such a treat – one of the best gifts I could give myself.

Karen B ~ CT

We have choices, decisions and time management in our everyday lives. As I got older they all got harder to do and I felt exhausted physically and mentally. There wasn’t enough time…always running late…not able to make a decision…and choices were almost not existent!

Tried spiritual, self help lectures and books, meditation…I knew I needed help!  Then I came across Access Consciousness! And that is how Barb and I first met!  I have had Barb run my Bars 3 times and will continue to have her run my Bars!

The best way I can describe the experience and how it helped make my life %100 better is this:

My mind was like a overstuffed walking closet, there was no more room for any more clothes, it was so full that I could even enter it, so I just wore the same clothes every day! What the bar sessions did for me was to go through the closet and discard all that was not needed, all that didn’t belong to me and all that was didn’t fit me. You can walk in to my closet now and it holds all my favorite clothes and it is easy to choose what to wear with total ease. And because of that there is so much more time to do the things that I love to do!

After having my mind clear I was able to realize that Access can help my body! Being plagued with knee pain, one knee then the other, they would heal for a bit, taking pills that sometimes worked….I had Barb run a access body process for my knees…WOW! The next morning getting out of bed with no knee pain!  I decided to put the braces on my knees even though there was no pain and no stiffness to protect them. Within 5 minutes I had to remove the braces they were actually hurting my knees. It’s been a week with no pain or stiffness. I actually went for a leisure walk around the neighbor hood yesterday!

My life is so full of joy and my body moves with total ease! How can it even get better than this?

Please change your life, go and have Barb run your bars and do body processes!  By allowing Barb to do this for you: What greater possibility’s could you create and generate?

Tina P – Winsted, CT

Barb Porlides, Facilitator and NCBTMB Approved Provider Access Consciousness®, LLC has been a great teacher in enhancing my massage business.  Barb’s natural sense of teaching has helped me in providing Access the Bars and Access Energetic Facelift ™ for my client’s health and wellness.  The classes and her availability years after receiving certification is priceless.  I am blessed to have Barb as one of my best holistic teachers.

Ethel, LMT, RMT, ABP, AEFP  

After a successful session of her own, my mother suggested that I go see Barb for my own Access Body Processes appointment. I have had stomach issues my entire life, so I’m willing to try anything. I wasn’t sure what it even was or what was going to happen, but I figured I would give it a try.

After the first appointment I was hooked! Barb’s work is magic!! I go to see her every time I’m home from college and I’ve been feeling much better ever since I started seeing her!

HJ – Avon, CT

I’ve always wanted to give Reflexology a try and I’m glad I finally did. Barb has amazing healing abilities. Her energy is so calm and positive. Our session was as good as a powerful massage, without the soreness. I felt incredibly relaxed during it, and afterwards too. I experienced a sense of peace and joy that was beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. I’ve been on a journey to heal myself from a autoimmune decease. Reflexology helped me a great deal to unblock some of my negative energy that was kind of stuck throughout my physical body. I’ve also been dealing with an issue of grounding, specifically my feet. They were often yellow in color and always very cold or numb. After our session, I noticed an incredible difference in the color of my feet. They were nice and pink, warm to the touch. I believe that I also released some powerful negative energy that’s crucial in my healing. barb’s touch is so incredibly gentle. She never uses force, which surprised me at first, yet I understood that it was completely unnecessary. Barb uses love as her intention, which is all about softness. I highly recommend Barb to anybody who either has a chronic illness or is simply looking for some relaxation!

Thank you so much!!!

Dina V – West Hartford, CT

“Within a few short minutes after meeting Barb, I felt calm and peaceful. After a thirty-minute reflexology appointment with her, I was in a state of bliss. I don’t know exactly how it works, I just know that it does.”

Barb G – Avon, CT

All I know is…I’m better!!! I was in pain, all summer, with a sore hip. I started with my chiropractor ~ who has helped me so much in the past. This time, things got worse. When Barb suggested I let her help me, I didn’t know what I was getting into. After one session, I looked forward to my appointments with her. Her pretty office is so tranquil and relaxing…and the magic she does with her hands on my little feet…wow. But the best thing was the results ~ I don’t need that cortisone shot after all. Thanks Barb!!

Deb N. – Torrington, CT

I am so glad I attended Barbara’s Thymus Reactivation class recently. Before the class, all I knew about the thymus was from watching Tarzan movies a long time ago. Tarzan’s method of thumping the chest and hollering just didn’t work for me. I was tired all the time, to the point of needed a nap every afternoon. But Barbara’s method was incredibly effective and fast. It is easy to do, anywhere. Within one or two minutes of doing the exercise, my sinus blockage was cleared to the point I needed a kleenex! My headache was gone. I found I had more energy during the day. In these times of hearing about Ebola and other viruses, it is good to learn a way of helping the immune system, a way that has no side effects and is free! And as a bonus, Barbara showed how to provide additional help to the immune system, by helping the liver, spleen and kidneys. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting more energy and in helping the immune system.

Bobbi D. – Winsted, CT

“I purchased a Groupon for a reflexology appt, never expecting to form a bond with Barb. After my first hour session I felt so at peace and calm that I immediately purchased 6 mini reflexology sessions. I look forward to spending half an hour once a week relaxing while Barb works her magic on my feet. With all the stress in our lives, finding half an hour to center yourself is so important. I’m glad I was able to find Barb and Panacea – Healing for the Body and Sole, LLC.”

Robin S. – Avon

I admit part of me was skeptical with healing without touch when I walked into Panacea for a session of Etheric healing. A larger part of me felt it could be done. I felt comfortable as soon as I sat down and started talking with Barb. The room was warm, quite and tranquil. 1st she checked my Chakra’s and found some things out of balance. Barb felt that the areas that were closed were causing my back pain and headaches. She began her etheric healing as I relaxed. Though I was not aware of where she was standing over me, I began feeling warmth and something that felt like a pull or push on my body. I opened my eyes to notice her pendulum swinging over that part of my body. In fact I peeked another time I had that feeling and sure enough there she was. It is not something I can explain but I thought after that it could have been that the negative energy was being removed. I wanted to share with you that when I woke up the morning after my healing I started my day without the pain I had been feeling in my back. In fact the pain was completely gone. My headache is no longer existent! This is amazing! I am a believer! In fact it has been one week and I am still living pain free. I also have a lighter happier feeling. I am sure this is a due to Barb’s wonderful healing and the relief it has brought since then. I am looking forward to trying out other healings Barb has to offer.

Lori M. – Terryville, CT