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Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary practice involving the use of alternating pressure applied to the reflexes on the feet to encourage the body to heal itself at its own pace.  Reflexology promotes overall health and may help treat a variety of conditions. It also relaxes the body and eases tension by helping the body’s systems work more effectively.  Regular sessions may help maintain your health and build up immunity and resistance to disease.


Etheric Weavers are designed to strengthen Chi (life force) and attune the meridian system and natural magnetic field of the body.  An Etheric Weaver session promotes healing, restful sleep and deep meditation. Contact with the tools helps open the flow of energy through the meridians and energetic centers and clears blockages in the etheric field that can manifest as physical problems and negative emotional patterns or thought forms which may be difficult to change.

Etheric Healing aligns you to a peaceful, meditative state that allows the meridians and chakras to be balanced.   It is a very safe therapy and suits many conditions.


The Kansa Wand provides gentle friction to facial muscles which helps pull acidity from the tissues. The subtle electrical conductivity of the bronze metal improves the body’s natural electrical balancing system.  Tools like this have been used for centuries in India to enhance health and strength, and to increase energy, and reduce stress. They are believed to be essential to optimal health and well-being.

Kansa Face Massage benefits include: restores a youthful quality to the complexion ~ revitalizes face, shoulder, and neck muscles ~ gently lifts facial skin ~ reduces face and head pain and tension ~ detoxifies ~ reduces congestion and inflammation.


Champissage™ is a comprehensive style of massage, done seated and clothed, that works on physical, mental and energetic levels.  During a session clients receive a combination of techniques focused on their back, shoulders, neck, arms, and head. A session includes breath work, chakra balancing, auricular reflexology, facial pressure points and scalp massage techniques, allowing instant recovery from the stresses of life.

Champissage provides relief from a number of ailments including, but not limited to: headaches ~ eyestrain ~ aches, pains, tension and strain in the neck and shoulder area ~ insomnia ~ sinus congestion ~ other stress and work related symptoms.

Addintional benefits include: encourages hair growth ~ rebalances  energy flow ~ promotes a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquility ~ increased circulation ~ mental alertness and clarity ~ stimulates the lymphatic system ~ calmness and peace of mind.

KANSA VATKI FOOT MASSAGE™    foot massage1

Kansa Vatki Foot Massage™ is a unique and powerful holistic treatment that works to balance mind, body, and spirit and helps to re-balance the Doshas.

This unique treatment involves vigorously rubbing the soles of the feet with a 3-metal bowl containing copper, zinc, and tin to draw heat and toxins out of the body.  The treatment involves working on the feet and lower limbs, with particular emphasis on marma points, Kansa Vatki movements and simple yet effective massage techniques.

Physical Benefits of Kansa Vatki Foot Massage™ include: Relaxes tired feet ~ improves blood and lymph circulation ~ enhances joint mobility in lower limbs ~ helps to relieve eye strain and tired eyes ~ improves the condition of the ligaments and muscles of lower limbs ~ helps to detoxify the internal organs ~ increases strength and stamina in lower limbs ~ activates the immune system.

Mental Benefits of Kansa Vatki Foot Massage™ include:  Aids in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression ~ enhances mental activity ~induces sound sleep ~ calms the body ~ increases Prana (life force energy) ~ restores and balances the body’s innate energy.


Access Consciousness™ is a set of tools, techniques and philosophies that allow you to create dynamic change in your life. Access provides step-by-step building blocks to become totally aware and to begin functioning as the conscious being you be. These tools can be used to change whatever is not working for you, allowing you to have a different life and reality.


Access Bars® are 32 points of energy on your head. When they are lightly   touched all of the limitations you have about a specific area of your life, such as money, aging, healing, joy, sadness and many more, begin to clear. Having your Bars run is a nurturing and relaxing process that frees you from limitation in all aspects of your life without any effort.


The Bars releases tension, stress, worries, aids in concentration for studies and assists hugely if done before a test or exam.  After having their Bars run, many children are much happier and do better in school and at home. They tend to sleep sounder, relate better with peers, get in less trouble and have fewer tantrums and outbursts. Times that used to be difficult, such as mornings, evenings, homework or chores, typically lose their charge and are much calmer.

Parents have also found that the Bars can help children who have ADD, ADHD or autism, suffer from anxiety or depression, lack self- esteem, are moody or misbehave or have experienced emotional or physical trauma.  What contribution can the Bars be to your family?

Access Consciousness Body Processes® Listen To Your Body

Access Consciousness Body Processes® are a hands-on method that use different hand placements on the body while running energy. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, assisting with the repair and longevity of the body. The energies will assist your body in repairing damage that it has sustained whether environmental or through injury. After a session most people say they feel a sense of well-being, more ease with their body and recover from ailments quicker.