kids bars

What if your child could have more ease socially, improve their study habits, sleep, ability to cope in different situations, manage stress levels or develop a deeper connection with their body?  What if it didn’t take much to transform your child’s experiences with life?

Access Bars® is a gentle, hands-on body process run on 32 points on the head.  It can create ease, peace and a sense of wellbeing similar to a massage or meditation.  The process is practiced worldwide as a gentle therapy that empowers the client to know that they can choose something different.

The Bars® releases tension, stress, worries, aids in concentration for study and assists hugely if done before a test or exam.  After having their Bars run, many children are much happier and do better in school and at home. They tend to sleep sounder, relate better with peers, get in less trouble and have fewer tantrums and outbursts. Times that used to be difficult, such as mornings, evenings, homework or chores, typically lose their charge and are much calmer.

One mother of a young teenager ran her son’s Bars for about 10 minutes prior to a geography test.  Despite the fact that he did not study he aced the test. A young girl, labeled learning disabled in high school, started having her Bars run on a regular basis.  She changed from being a special needs student to creating her own business tutoring her fellow students, using “The Bars” as well as some other techniques of Access Consciousness®.  Six year later she is in the honors program at college.

Several doctors in different disciplines who are experts in biofeedback and brainwaves have described changes in their own brain waves during and after they received Bars sessions. They unanimously described moving from the “normal” waking state of beta into alpha states, the state in which natural learning and absorption of information with ease is possible which may enable students to test better. Children who have their Bars run function from alpha state and are able to learn, absorb and deliver information easier.  For more info click on this video by Dr. Jeffrey Fannin.

Parents have also found that the Bars may help children who have ADD, ADHD or autism, suffer from anxiety or depression, lack self-esteem, are moody or misbehave or have experienced emotional or physical trauma.  What contribution could the Bars be to your family?

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