Weaving a Web with Etheric Healing


Through the Etheric Body the past, present and future, the mind, emotions and the physical all come together and can be healed.  Etheric healing focuses on balancing the Etheric Body, also known as the Etheric Field, which is the area of one’s aura that is closest to the physical body, and serves as the interface between the physical body and the aura.

Etheric Healing aligns you to a peaceful, meditative state that allows the meridians and chakras to be balanced as you become attuned to the higher vibration of light. It often leads to immediate results, is a very safe therapy and suits many conditions. Stress and illness cause a body’s energy to become unbalanced or depleted and the body can no longer heal itself. Disease disrupts the energy flow, often manifesting in the physical body as pain. Illness, disease and injury will manifest in the Etheric Body before they appear in the physical body. Even when other modalities have failed, healing the Etheric Body in conjunction with these modalities can lead to amazing results because the physical body is healed from the outside in.

One way to heal the Etheric Body is by using an Etheric Weaver. The Weaver is a healing tool that draws in universal energy and transfers it to the individual through the chakras. It is a transmitter and receiver made of crystals, copper and magnets that opens and balances blockages in the etheric field.

During an Etheric healing session an Etheric Weaver is held over the body like a pendulum. It naturally begins to swing, weaving patterns over and into the body, wherever treatment is needed. The weaver stops when the energy flow between the body and the Chi is balanced.  The movement of the weaver is in response to many levels of the etheric field, including past lives.

Using the Weaver on someone is a process of facilitating, rather than being a healer. The intention is set that a healing takes place and the weaver is allowed to work. The Etheric Weaver is not a diagnostic device or means for divination or reading, nor it is a manipulative or invasive type of energy therapy.  It helps to naturally resonate with your etheric field to awaken the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Often the person being treated will have an instant response, feeling subtle electrical stimulation throughout the body.  Most people enter a transcendental and meditative state which may include manifestations like odors, colors, sounds, astral forms, emotions, pain, heat, visions or the releasing of negative energies held in the etheric field.  No thought is necessary and there is no need on the part of the person holding the weaver to try and direct, understand, interpret or diagnose the process.

On a physical level, many conditions and ailments benefit noticeably from Weaver treatments and surface wounds heal speedily.  Etheric Weavers are also effective for healing emotional and psychological issues with lasting effects.  They help to disintegrate the negative conscious mind that holds on to patterns of thinking such as this is the way it is, this is who I am, I can’t change or this is the way it’s always been and always will be.

Reported benefits from using the Etheric Weaver have been spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, extending well beyond the initial period of meditative relaxation.  Etheric Healing helps to develop good Chi, or life force, making it possible to minimize stress, helps to prevent the cause and conditions of disease on all levels and creates a balanced energetic exchange resulting in rejuvenation and self-vitalization.

Some Etheric Weavers are color coded while others are pure quartz crystals.  There are ten different weavers including clear, the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, and violet), rainbow colored (in traditional chakra color order) and seven ray colored (rainbow colors in the order of the 7-Rays of God).  They are tools for color therapy which vibrationally resonate to attune to the chakras bringing clearing and alignment where needed.

People report many benefits after even one healing – my own clients have written testimonials on my website reporting feelings of lightness and joy, peacefulness and relaxation and  immediate and lasting pain relief.

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