Kansa Wands


For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and unique tools have been used together to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being and longevity and relieve stress.

Kansa, the healing metal of India, was first created in the Bronze Age approximately 5000 years ago by the same culture that is thought to have developed  Ayurveda.  It is an alloy of copper and tin that is called bronze in the West.

Kansa is considered to be the healing metal of Ayurveda.  It has a powerful effect as a stress reliever and for relaxation.

The many uses of Kansa include making utensils and implements used in ceremonies.  There is also the tradition of Ayurvedic physicians recommending the use of Kansa on the feet for their clients.

The Kansa massage tool is said to be even more effective than gold or silver. The wands can be used to achieve superb results on the face, feet and other parts of the body. The tradition of Kansa massage has immense benefits and has been practiced for generations in some parts of the world.

In the words of Melanie and Robert Sachs “Traditionally, Kansa is said to pull Pitta or excess fieriness that has accumulated in our tissues out of the body through our skin. Some of this is because of the physical process of friction (rubbing). The result is the pulling and drawing of heat, acidity, inflammation and toxins out of the body. Because of the nature of piezoelectricity and how it courses through the body, Kansa vataki was employed on the feet to have a drawing effect of heat and strain away from the eyes. We have personally seen eyes become less bloodshot and the high skin tones normalize just by rubbing the feet with the Kansa foot wand.”

Modern medicine is also learning the benefits of implements primarily made of copper.  Copper rich surfaces are unfriendly to harmful microbes so, like gold, this precious alloy is very clean and cleansing for the skin and microparticles of copper support healthy collagen.

Kansa is the metal used for sacred Tibetan bells and gongs. It is highly resonant. Using the wand can be thought of as a tuning up the face or body in a way similar to listening to Tibetan gong sounds that lift your spirit.

The following Kansa treatments are offered at PANACEA.


  • Helps to tone, tighten and firm the skin
  • Helps with reducing puffiness, fine lines and redness around the eyes by moving extra Pitta, heat and acidity out of the body
  • Plumps out wrinkles
  • Helps with congestion in the skin and sinuses
  • Mobilizes toxins and calms inflammation, redness and heat
  • Normalizes skin tones and helps the skin become fresh and clear
  • Helps move lymph and improves circulation so the skin is better cleansed and nourished

Rubbing Kansa over the feet is one of the most traditional uses of Kansa for enhanced wellness.

  • Helps to balance the Ayurvedic doshas
  • Enhances the effect of any reflexology session or massage
  • Creates a calming and cooling effect in the body
  • Relaxes the entire foot
  • Helps the client feel light, energized and calmed
  • Calms the entire nervous system
  • May have a soothing effect on mild pains
  • Erases stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group
  • Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind
  • Makes it easier to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep

Marma points, or subtle energy points, are the centers for vital-force energy, similar to acupuncture points.  Trauma, stress and living out of touch with the body and self are believed to cause a closing of the marma points, disturbing the flow of energy and allowing toxins, negative emotions and stress to get lodged in the points.

This treatment involves using a marma tool on the upper chest, upper back, face, neck and head to help alleviate stress, panic and anxiety.

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